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Additive Manufacturing

Create Endless Possibilities with Additive Manufacturing

It is often said that ingenuity is the result of necessity. This phrase couldn't be more true than with the manufacturing process. The creation of various tools, jigs, components, and full systems has seen a wide evolution of manufacturing techniques in the past few centuries. With new technological advancements emerging every day, the manufacturing process has seen a complete overhaul allowing manufacturers to make better, cheaper, and more effective components and designs for systems. The team at American Additives has just the right solution for your needs. Whether you are starting at the very beginning of the design process, working through an idea, or are at the end of manufacturing and want to streamline your production, American Additives has the right solution for you. Reach out to a member of our team to learn more about our services.

At American Additive Manufacturing, we specialize in a production technique called additive manufacturing. During this process, a 3d model is used to create a final product. The final product is achieved by adding multiple layers, or slices, of the 3d model until the final product is achieved. Additive manufacturing requires the use of specific software and hardware to help design and implement the manufacturing process. Using additive manufacturing, customers are able to create very specific, detailed, and accurate versions of their model which will help create a finalized and ideal final product. Additive manufacturing is a great way to create a design and product quickly using a variety of production techniques and materials.

Before beginning the process of creating a product using additive manufacturing, a wax pattern is often created first. The wax pattern allows the customer to get an idea of what the final product will look like. The wax pattern is very easily and quickly formed, allowing the customer to make final tweaks and adjustments to the design before going into production of the final model. Wax models are an excellent first step when creating a prototype design tool because it is easy to see a 3d, tangible version of your intended final product. Wax models can occur at the very beginning phases of the design process to create an initial idea, or can be used toward the end of the design process in order to revamp, or improve upon the final design.

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