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Aircraft Interiors

A Modern Day Solution to Aircraft Interiors

Aerospace has long dominated our world as a method of travel and transportation. Aircraft are responsible for helping people and supplies get from place to place safely, efficiently, and cost effectively. An airplane is a modern day machine that has seen an evolution of build processes. Not only are techniques and tools upgraded, but materials used for aircraft interiors have advanced as well. The entire aerospace industry has been transformed with the capability to produce quality equipment, parts, and airplane components with advanced 3D printing and molding techniques. Aircraft interiors are better performing, lighter in weight, and longer lasting thanks to technological and material advancements.

Finding suitable skilled labor and companies able to create and build aircraft cabin interiors is a challenge however. Not only are there too few certified companies qualified to produce the detailed and exact aircraft cabin interiors required, but the availability of both materials and information about different materials is hard to come by. All too often, airplane companies are responsible for researching the individual materials required to produce a high performing aircraft interior. Not only is this time consuming for the aircraft company, but it is an expensive process that involves lengthy testing procedures. Aircraft companies are responsible for flying and transporting people and goods, not responsible for creating and designing innovative new technologies and materials for aircraft cabin interiors.

The team at American Additive Manufacturing is happy to offer a solution to the aerospace industry. Our interiors certifications, sponsored by Stratasys, are the perfect way to create an effective, efficient, and streamline process for aircraft interior design and production. Not only do we provide the information and knowledge needed to effectively create, model, and design aircraft interiors, but we offer a comprehensive guide about the necessary and available materials suitable for aircraft interior production. This means that we have taken the research out of the hands of aircraft companies, and into the hands of the modelers and designers. We have the ability to offer interiors certifications which will allow you to fully understand the available list of necessary, approved, and available materials for crafting and designing aircraft interiors.

As part of our certification process you will not only receive the data regarding various materials used to construct airplane interiors, but also an Aircraft Interiors Configuration Fortus 900mc, or F900. This configuration will allow you to work with the needed aircraft materials in a safe, effective, and approved way. The F900 configuration will include the vital data sets necessary to be able work with the resin required for airplane interiors. If you currently own a version of the F900, it is possible to simply upgrade your technology to include the Aircraft Interiors configuration. This will help save time and money, while still allowing you to create aircraft interiors in a professional and certified way. It is important to remember that individual parts produced with this system are not considered FAA approved, however these parts are components of a larger configuration for the aircraft that will be approved by the FAA. By completing our certification we are happy to offer ongoing guidance and support with your F900 system and design process.

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