Casting Patterns

Creating Low Volume Injection Molding Solutions for the Medical Industry

When people think of technology, often the thought of the newest mobile phone, or fastest computer comes to mind. In reality though, technology expands to several industries, particularly the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing helps the world move, providing products and solutions to a variety of independent industries and markets. One area that has seen an incredible advancement due to manufacturing technologies is medical models. Not only are medical models used to help teach and educate, but medical models can be produced for one specific body party, or even customized to one specific person or body, in order to help facilitate a surgery or medical procedure.

In the past, creating a medical model has been costly, time consuming, and clumsy. Without advanced technology in manufacturing software and hardware, a medical model often required the use of a skilled artist and technician, piecing together information received through diagnostic testing by hand. Not only was this time consuming, but the room for error was large. Today, with the ability to use 3D printing and software, it is possible to create an accurate and detailed medical model to help medical professionals around the world. A medical model can be produced in a matter or hours and can help lend valuable insight into the particular medical case or patient. A medical model is an ideal way for a doctor or surgeon to gain a 3D perspective and truly understand the plan for a medical procedure or plan.

The majority of success in the medical world can be attributed to the advances in 3D printing. Combining software and hardware, 3D printing has had the ability to change the medical world by creating real time 3D models, printed prosthetics, and even printed components, such as valves, to be implemented into the human body. The options are endless when 3D printing is paired with the innovation and creativity provided by the medical world. At American Additive Manufacturing we pride ourselves on our ability to offer medical solutions quickly and accurately. We work with several different industries and professionals to create accurate models fast. We understand in the medical world the margin for error is slim. We are able to give doctors and surgeons the tools they need in order to keep our community safe and healthy.

To begin creating a model, the first step is to create a mold or a pattern. Casting patterns are often made of soft and malleable materials that can be easily tweaked and changed. Often, casting patterns are considered a "rough draft" of the model or component before the final shape and materials are used. Casting patterns are the perfect opportunity for us to work hand in hand with the client in order to create just the right shape, size, and detail. The beauty of casting patterns is that they are very much working models. They are intended to be used as a tool in order to create a final product that both us and the client is happy with.

Because many medical models created using additive manufacturing or 3D printing techniques require very specific models, most customers will not require a large number of units. In fact, many customers will require just a handful of available products or models. To meet these needs, we are happy to provide low volume injection molding options. Typically, low volume injection molding refers to any product made in batches of 10,000 units or less. In almost all medical cases, low volume injection molding is required. Luckily, the team at American Additive Manufacturing is happy to offer a range of solutions available to medical customers seeking only a few very detailed, and very specific models to allow them to continue their education and work. Companies like ours that offer solutions for low volume injection molding are often better suited to create the products you demand, for the cost you can afford.