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Jigs Fixtures

Help With Aerospace 3d Printing

The team at American Additive Manufacturing is happy to help with your molding and 3d printing needs. We have the ability to assist in all industries and disciplines, but really excel at our ability to help with aerospace 3d printing. The world of aerospace is complicated and regulated, requiring strict adherence to rules, regulations, and guidelines in order to create effective, safe, and functioning parts and components for aircraft systems. It is important to not only have the right technology and insight, but also the right tools to be able to create and model necessary parts for aircraft. This begins with having the right software and printer to create aerospace 3d printing components. Along with the right software and hardware, provided through our aerospace certifications, the necessary materials are also important.

The gold standard for creating aerospace molded and printed parts is a resin known as ultem 9085. This resin is specifically sought out and used for aerospace design because of its intrinsic material properties. There are two types of ultem 9085 resin available, both a certified version and a regular version of the resin. Certified ultem 9085 is necessary for any manufactured components for an aerospace craft. This type of resin is checked with a higher level of standards and specifications. The individual fibers used in certified ultem 9085 are made in smaller batches which helps to ensure there is a higher level of quality. This allows the manufacturer to closely inspect the production process to guarantee that the produced material is at the highest possible standard with the lowest tolerance to exact specifications. Regular ultem 9085 is also available, and in general works and functions the same way as the certified version of this resin. Unfortunately, to pass FAA regulations and standards though, certified ultem 9085 is necessary in order to guarantee the strictest quality assurance has been achieved.

With the right parts and materials, it is possible to make top quality airplane components and interiors to create an effective, safe, and innovative aerospace design. Not only is it possible to create individual aerospace components, but it is also possible to make jigs fixtures that will allow you to better create airplane components. Jigs fixtures are a great way to help facilitate a streamline, direct, and efficient production system using the aid of a jig to better help you manufacture other necessary components. Jigs are intended to act as a tool, to allow you to make better parts for your project. Talk to an expert at American Additive Manufacturing for help engineering and designing jigs. Our team is happy to create or revamp a current jig design you may be working with.

In order to create top quality airplane interiors and jigs, reach out to the experts at American Additive Manufacturing. Our team is able to help design and build both components and jigs. In addition, we are happy to offer AICS, or the Aircraft Interior Certification Solution. This utilizes the right tools and technology to be able to make certified aircraft components. AICS provides the necessary software and hardware needed to create certified and FAA approved systems that can be implemented into aircraft systems. AICS utilizes the F900 hardware. If you have an existing F900 system, it is perfectly suitable to simply purchase the AICS upgrade. Not only is this a perfect option to help save you and your company valuable money, but it can also help you save time creating, producing, and manufacturing FAA certified aerospace components using your available aerospace hardware and software.

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