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List of Testimonials

“American Additive is our go to partner for all things additive.  Jim personally delivers every order to make sure we are satisfied and the parts work for our application.  We are grateful we met and will be working together for years to come. “   - Mike, Aerospace, Lead Engineer
 “I would rate my experience with AAM very high. The parts looks great!" - Laurie, Aerospace, Supply Chain
“ The part arrived 1 day early and looks great.  Thank you for the prompt support.” - Paul, Aerospace, Engineer
“Thank again for yesterday.  It was super fun for me, collaborating with you and Mike.  You guys are like my dream team engineers!  I’m so glad this project has found it’s way into your capable hands.  I have a good feeling about this print!!!.  Can’t thank you enough Matt for all the over and above you’ve given on this project.  It’s my baby and I can’t believe we’re almost to print.  12 years been working on this thing.. it’s surreal to be here, in the best of ways.  It’s so impressive what you guys have turned around in such little time.  I absolutely love it!” - Eric, Inventor
 “Working with the American Additive team has been an amazing experience.  I could not offer a higher recommendation.” - Sandra, School District Coordinator  
 “American Additive Manufacturing was able to produce high quality prints in a fast turnaround time.  We were able to collaborate with them on the 3D model to ensure we received exactly what we needed.  Without their help we wouldn’t have been able to complete our project on time. “ - Dylan, Architectural, Manager

“Thank you for your help.  Our customer was extremely satisfied with the tools and we couldn’t have met the timeframe without you.  Great work!” - Jeff, Additive Manufacturing, VP of Marketing
“Your company does very high quality work, my engineer was very happy.  The way the parts were made was very good, no excess plastic or indentations.  My engineer working with me was very happy about this.  You did a great job.” - Ray, Inventor
“So the test samples turned our pretty good.  We were able to do some basic functional testing with them which lead to some minor design changes.” After the modification - “the fixture testing went well”  Bill, Dental Manufacturing, Lead Engineer

Rapid Prototyping

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