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Rapid Prototyping

Kickstart Your Idea with Rapid Prototyping

Often, creating a new product, component, or tool begins with an idea. It may be a sketch or a computer rendering. Chances are the idea will have a few details, but not an exact design and form laid out. In order to create the very first edition of a new product or component a prototype is often required. A prototype is the first of its kind, often used as a guide or a model on which future production and design will be based. A prototype is a very useful and informative tool that can be used to help design a better, more efficient, and cheaper product in the future. With advanced manufacturing techniques, application engineering expertise and attention to customer service, the team at American Additive Manufacturing is happy to assist our clients with creating their own prototype design. We are happy to work together with our clients and designers to come up with a prototype, a first run, or an initial design to help move production for future components forward.

Most commonly, we are able to use our 3D printing service to be able to complete your first prototype, and to rapidly generate additional versions based on design iterations. 3D printing uses a combination of specific hardware and software to create a 3D model of your design. The model is made of a polymer resin, specifically created for use with a 3D printer. There is a range of design software available to create a CAD file of your prototype design. When you send your file to American Additive, our team will process the file for 3D Printing and send the information to a 3D printer in a way that allows additive manufacturing process to take place.  In 3D Printing, the prototype is built up by adding layers until the final model is produced. Think of the 3D printing process as welding very thin slices of resin material onto each other in order to create a final shape and form. We have the ability to custom draw, create, and print anything in your imagination. This includes textured surfaces such as a leather look and other patterns printed directly onto the surface of the prototype.  Work with a professional on our team to come up with the exact design and style you are looking for. 3D printing service allows your design process to be fast, easy, and affordable.

We understand that when you have a need for a prototype, time is of the essence. It can be for a brand new idea you want to see implemented, or a solution to a sudden problem that requires an immediate fix. At American Additive Manufacturing, we offer rapid prototyping services. This means that the entire process, from design to implementation, is accelerated. Our rapid prototyping services are ideal for a range of industries.  By being able to provide fast, creative, and innovative prototyping solutions, we can help make every industry's job a little easier. Turn to the professionals at American Additive Manufacturing for our knowledge in the industry, our attention to detail, and our professionalism toward our customers.

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