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Surgical Guide

Additive Manufacturing Enters the Medical World

Technology has helped to create better products faster and cheaper, and this extends into the medical world as well. While new drugs and pharmaceuticals are always breaking news, there are fresh new advances in medical equipment and procedure as well. One area where additive manufacturing is breaking into the medical field is in the realm of surgeries. Technologies are expanding every day to help surgeons who are responsible for performing life saving surgery in order to help the people in our community. Using a variety of techniques and materials, the team at American Additive Manufacturing is able to create a surgical guide for a variety of different and specific surgical procedures. A surgical guide is a perfect way to have an exact, and specific model of one particular person to ensure the surgery goes as perfectly planned as possible.

Further, our team is able to help create a medical cut guide. This is perfect for doctors and surgeons that are performing a complicated surgery. The medical cut guide creates a plan or a path for surgeons to follow when performing surgery. Having a medical cut guide will not only help guide the doctors to perform a successful surgery, but it can also be used to help minimize scarring and long term effects for the patient. The medical cut guide is created using advanced software and additive manufacturing techniques. Specific images collected from X-rays and ultrasounds are pieced together in order to create a dedicated, and specific guide for doctors and surgeons to use.

Additive manufacturing has also entered the medical world by creating and providing medical 3D printing. Simply opening this manufacturing process to the medical world has created several new opportunities. One industry that has really benefited from medical 3D printing is the world of prosthetics. Using detailed images taken from individual patients it is possible to create a perfectly shaped and designed prosthetic limb. Not only are the medical 3d printing techniques able to create a better fitting limb for the patient, but the prosthetic can be manufactured quickly and cost effectively. The design process and printing process utilizes new materials and techniques in order to get 3D printed prosthetics into the hands of people and patients who need them most urgently.

In the past, an anatomical model was extremely expensive, and prohibitive. It could be difficult to find a specific model for a particular area of the body. The models were limited to the most popular and most used models, which left specialists searching for ways to improvise. For teaching and education, additive manufacturing has been able to produce some high quality, detailed, and specific anatomical model examples. This is a perfect way for educators to help instruct students using an anatomical model that is specific to their particular area of expertise. Models can be created quickly and accurately, and can be customized in order to meet the needs of various doctors and educators. If you are searching for a specific anatomical model for your school or university, reach out to the experts at American Additive Manufacturing.

Medical needs do not just stop at hospitals. The ability to help in the medical field has extended to dentistry as well. Just as doctors use X-rays and ultrasounds to perform surgeries, dentists will rely on the same diagnostic tools to know where to drill into the teeth or gums. Using additive manufacturing and 3d modeling technology it is possible to create a dental drill guide. This is a guide that allows dentists to see exactly what their drill path should be for their patients. A dental drill guide can help ensure an accurate and successful dental procedure each and every time. Allowing a dentist to use a dental drill guide will make the dentist more capable and better informed about the drill path he or she will follow for the dental procedure. Further, additive manufacturing is perfect for being able to create detailed diagrams and models for the dentist industry to implement for teaching and education. If you have a specific need for a dental drill guide or model, reach out to the professionals at American Additive Manufacturing. We are happy to discuss your options and solutions we are able to provide.

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