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We are an industry-leading 3D printing services partner from prototyping to production. Accelerate product development and implement Production Parts with our custom 3D printing, engineering design, and prototyping solutions.

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Key Strategies

Excellence, New Technologies & Services, Market Expansion, Talent & Business Culture

Excellence in all we do

  • Consistently pursuing excellence and continuous improvement in all aspects of our business, including Customer Interactions, Design & Engineering, Production and Delivery.

  • Striving to achieve the highest levels of Safety, Quality, Rapid Delivery, Repeatability, Continuous Improvement, Talent & Company Culture.

New Technologies & Services which best serve our mission

  • Evaluation, investment and application of advanced manufacturing technologies and materials to solve demanding challenges and bring greater value to our customers.

  • Evaluation, development and provision of additional value-added services, including Engineering, DFAM, Scanning, Post-Processing, Assembly, and others.

Market Expansion in existing and adjacent market segments where our 3D Printing and Engineering talents can bring great value

  • Expansion of our services to a broader base of customers in markets where we are currently represented.

  • Identification of, and expansion to, adjacent markets in order to bring value to customers in those market segments.

Talent & Business Culture

  • Our people are the drivers of our success. We strive to attract, retain and develop world-class talent to strengthen our team and company culture, as well as strengthen contributions to our customers and to Advanced Manufacturing.

  • The company offers our employees professional and personal growth opportunities to achieve our mutual goals.

  • American Additive’s Company Culture is built on our core values including Safety, Quality, Performance, Continuous Improvement, Positivity, Ethics, Integrity, Respect, and Collaboration.

We are proudly located in the United States, catering to businesses seeking to onshore or reshore their operations and support the Made in USA initiative. By partnering with us, you can contribute to the growth of American manufacturing while benefiting from our top-quality 3D printing solutions and exceptional customer service.

Choose American Additive Manufacturing to dramatically improve your supply chain with our US-made 3D printing solutions. We offer rapid delivery, expertise in design for additive manufacturing, and swift iterations on design changes, ensuring your operations remain efficient, agile, and responsive to ever-changing market demands.

Trusted by engineering teams globally

Production Parts

Production And Replacement Parts Printed On Demand

Eliminate downtime and reduce inventory costs with our on-demand spare parts service, enabling you to print replacement parts as and when needed.

We make parts which are components in functioning aircraft systems like HVAC, Water Systems, Avionics,, Electronic systems, cable management, etc, as well as functioning in industrial, automation, robotic, etc. applications.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Tackling Obsolescence and Supply Chain Challenges in a Time of Economic Uncertainty

At American Additive Manufacturing, we understand the increasing importance of maintaining and extending the life of your legacy assets during times of economic uncertainty.

Our cutting-edge 3D printing technology and expertise in maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) provide innovative solutions to address obsolescence, supply chain disruptions, and unavailability of parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Our dedicated Design & Engineering (D&E) team is committed to helping you keep your legacy assets in service, minimize downtime, and optimize investments.


Prototypes & Design Models

Our prototyping services enable businesses to rapidly transform their ideas into tangible, functional prototypes.

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Production & Replacement Parts

We provide advanced manufacturing solutions for the production and replacement of components across various industries.

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Manufacturing Tools & Aids

We provide cutting-edge 3D printing solutions for the production of jigs, fixtures, molds, and tools.

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Experience the Future of Engineering with our Custom 3D Printing Solutions

Hear from our loyal customers

"American Additive is our go to partner for all things additive. We are grateful we met and will be working together for years to come."

Mike, Aerospace

Lead Engineer

"My experience with AAM has been excellent. I highly value their ability to help us make decisions with our automotive engineering designs."

Kurt, Automotive


"AAM was able to produce high quality prints in fast turnaround time. Without their help, we wouldn't of completed our project on time."

Dylan, Architectural


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