3D Printing Services for Medical & Dental Industries

Our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated team of professionals make it possible for us to serve a wide range of clients, including medical and dental device designers and manufacturers, surgeons, dentists, hospitals, and front-line professionals.

Prototypes for Device Designs

Speed up your design and development process with our rapid prototyping services. We work closely with medical and dental device designers and manufacturers to produce accurate and functional prototypes that help to validate your designs and bring your products to market faster.

Manufacturing Tooling and Parts Carriers

Our advanced 3D printing technology allows us to create custom tooling and parts carriers to streamline your manufacturing processes. Benefit from increased efficiency and cost savings with our bespoke solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

Anatomical Models from CAT scans

Enhance medical training, patient counseling, and pre-surgery planning with our anatomical models created from CAT scans. These realistic, high-quality models provide an invaluable tool for medical professionals to better understand complex cases and improve patient outcomes.

Surgical Guides & Drill Guides

Improve the accuracy and safety of surgical procedures with our 3D printed surgical and drill guides. Made from sterilizable materials, these custom guides help to ensure precise placement of implants and other devices during surgery.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Support the safety of front-line professionals with our range of 3D printed personal protective equipment, including face shields, face masks, and ear savers. Our PPE is designed for comfort and durability, helping to keep medical professionals protected during their vital work.