We pride ourselves on offering exceptional prototyping services that enable businesses to rapidly transform their ideas into tangible, functional prototypes. Our state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, combined with our expert team and dedication to customer satisfaction, ensures a seamless prototyping experience, empowering you to accelerate product development and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Aerospace & Defense

Prototyping for the Extreme: Mission to Mars

3D printed TransRoPorter supports space exploration.  “We decided to 3D print the TransRoPorter prototype, which offered us the least expensive, fastest and most elegant solution. Everyone involved in the project is delighted with the outcome.”

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Trial & Air: 3D Printed Unmanned Aerial System

Inspired by an Air Force defense program, SelectTech Geospatial proved that an innovative company could make a UAS (unmanned aerial system) quickly and with limited resources.

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FDM Helps Bell Helicopter Build Quality Prototypes

“The efficient process allows us to do more iterations than we could with other processes. That results in better-designed components.”— Mike Storp, Bell Helicopter

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Alseca Reduces Trunk Plate's Weight Without Sacrificing Strength

Additive manufacturing lets the development team try more design options, shorten development times and show customers a part that’s production ready.

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Premium Transmission Serves The Global Engineering Industry With FDM Technology

“3D printing has eliminated design constraints and empowered our engineers to come up with better and more innovative products.”

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Custom Car Specialists Use 3D Printing to Prototype & Develop Custom Parts

Consumer Products

Improving Cosmetic Packaging and Production with Multi-Material, Color 3D Printing

“When evaluating products for design and functionality, this exceptional level of realism and multi-material capability at the prototyping stage is a major advantage for customers, aiding decision-making and accelerating time-to-market.”

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Brooks Running Steps Up Design Validation with 3D Printing

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