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The U.S. Navy has outlined a once-in-a-generation plan to build one Columbia-Class, and two Virginia- Class submarines each year over the next decade. The Submarine Industrial Base (SIB)—which includes two prime shipbuilders and more than 16,000 suppliers across the country—faces a fivefold increase in workload and numerous headwinds to successfully meet that demand.

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The Mission

With an estimated 20% of the Columbia-Class supply chain coming from the Delaware Valley and its surrounding regions, the DVIRC and American Additive Manufacturing is working to support the urgent demand for increased workforce and capacity in the region’s SIB.

Our goal is to spur broad community engagement to connect more people to the mission—recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining a skilled workforce to support the SIB. This mission is vital to our national security and will create significant education, training, and career opportunities for thousands of individuals.

The submarine industrial base is a vital part of the United States’ national security. For decades, this skilled and patriotic group of industry partners have provided critical components, products and services to ensure the design, construction, maintenance and modernization of the U.S. Navy submarine fleet. The millions of hands that ultimately build these great vessels hail from every state in the country, and a vast network of over 16,000 suppliers that range from small, family-owned businesses to vast ship builders. The industrial base’s dedication to the mission and continued innovation have enabled the Navy to stay ahead of the curve and anticipate needs, providing a strategic advantage and a fundamental differentiator in the defense of the nation.



Harness the power of your torch to create impenetrable vessels and help forge a new era of U.S. Navy submarines.

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Additive Manufacturing

Help lead the new era of manufacturing by using your knowledge of CAD-driven 3D printing to create crucial prototypes, parts and components for the next generation of U.S. Navy submarines.

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CNC Machining

Help shape the next generation of Naval defense by channeling your CAD/CAM software expertise and G-Code knowledge to craft highly precise prototypes and submarine components.

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Non-Destructive Testing

Play an integral role in certifying the safety of the next generation of Naval submarines by employing the most advanced evaluation technologies to determine their quality and reliability.

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Play a critical role in ensuring the safety of our Naval submarine fleets by utilizing the latest in quality control inspection technologies to assess the quality and accuracy of the next generation of military submarines.

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